Monthly Archives: August 2017

By: W. Neal Roseberry, AIA, Principal, LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects I’ve written here before about an “Integrated Design Team” (IDT) approach to church architecture projects that tries to avoid old school design-bid-build adversarial relationships between the Owner (and Architect) and the General Contractor.  To say it again very simply, the IDT concept works to ensure […]

by Erik Ely, Generis Most pastors are not at ease when it comes to engaging high capacity givers. However, those donors whom God has blessed financially, often fund a majority of the pastor’s visions, projects, and initiatives. So why do pastors struggle with high capacity givers? Here are three myths that often hold pastors back. […]

By: Matt Robertson, Scott-Long Construction I have been asked this question hundreds of times over the course of my career in building churches and related buildings.  Typically, I respond with this.  Asking me that question is kind of like asking a person, “What does it cost to buy a bag of groceries?”  The answer depends on what […]

By Matt Robertson, Scott Long Construction 1. Are we ready to build?  Building a church is a major change in the life of a ministry and embarking on this path can make or break a church.  If not the church, potentially the lead pastor.  There are a number of tools available to churches that can […]

by Matt Robertson, Scott Long Construction Pastors deciding to build, remember these words: contingency is your friend.  The World English Dictionary defines contingency as a possible but not very likely future event or condition; eventuality.  From my years of designing, funding, and building church related facilities, something always pops up that was “not very likely” […]